Yemen, the forgotten but dangerous civil war

Even the weekend bombing of a funeral in the capital of Yemen that killed 140 people and wounded hundreds apparently hasn’t been enough to propel the proxy Saudi Arabia-Iran conflict into the headlines. I discussed the Yemen situation a few minutes ago on KQV News Radio in Pittsburgh with host Bob Bartolomeo.

The US is involved in this up to its eyebrows, and Washington is getting more and more uncomfortable with it. The civil war started in 2015, when Houthi rebels ousted the government of the US-backed president, who replaced a US-backed tyrant who resigned under pressure of mass demonstrations of the Arab Spring variety.

Now Saudi Arabia is fighting the Houthis, who are Shiites aligned with Iran, and they’re using weapons they bought from the United States. It’s likely that US-made warplanes bombed that funeral.

Once again, the US is caught up in a no-win situation in the Mideast, because there are no good guys in the Yemen conflict, only combatants and civilian victims–10,000 dead so far, and millions in desperate need of food and other aid. Children are starving, the country has collapsed, but no one seems to notice.

They might notice if this escalates into a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which is not out of the question, and then there will be many politicians in the West who will ask, where did THAT come from? Now you know.


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