Egypt’s post-Arab Spring baby boom emerges as main economic threat

Here’s an interesting article co-authored by my Cairo friend Tarek El-Tablawy​, who guided me patiently through the ins and outs of the economies of Egypt and the Middle East.

Cairo women

The issue is Egypt’s exploding birth rate. In the past 60 years, Egypt’s population has  quadrupled to about 93 million. The birth rate remains high–straining the society and leaving millions in poverty.

The Arab Spring handle is weak, and Tarek confirms that in the article–but it gets attention, and that’s what you do in journalism today.

It remains clear that Egypt’s main problems are economic, and that an freely elected government (as opposed to strongman President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s sham election set for March 26) would not have the power to enact the necessary steps.