Unrest in Iran: careful what you wish for

Why do we assume that regime change in Iran (or anywhere else) will automatically lead to an enlightened. democratic government? So far in the Mideast, the opposite has been the case. Iran is no different.

But those who mistakenly pushed for the cancellation of the Iran nuclear deal and welcome the unrest on the streets of Tehran and elsewhere are licking their chops at the possibility that the Ayatollahs might be replaced by Western-oriented, English-speaking liberals.

Come back to earth, folks. This well-reasoned argument from Israel’s best political-strategic think tank puts the hopes and dreams in perspective. Don’t have time to read a well-reasoned, academic article? First of all, shame on you. Second, its conclusion is that regime change in Iran is unlikely, and if it does occur, it’s likely to yield a populist, possibly fascist, dictatorship of another kind.

So are we really accomplishing anything by driving the Iranian economy further and further down? In fact, yes, we are. We’re empowering the extremists and driving more and more Iranians into their arms. We should be smarter than this.