Thrills and chills in Mideast reporting

Here’s an interview I did with the local public radio station before my lecture in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Wait for “The Israeli soldiers are aiming their rifles this way BOOM BOOM!” Thee are other highlights, too…like the assumption that parties in the Mideast are going to test the new president, as they’ve tested other new presidents.

That’s not Mt. Hermon in the picture–that’s Grand Teton. My hosts took me on a nature hike before my lecture–beautiful country and great people, too.

The Mideast will test the new US President

Whoever wins the US election will face tests from the Mideast. As I told host Bruce Sakalik on KQV Radio in Pittsburgh a few minutes ago,  it doesn’t matter who the winner is–the tests always come. The best/worst example is 9/11, al-Qaida’s attacks in the US after President George W. Bush took office. It’s my view that the US has failed that test, reordering its priorities and burdening its citizens in ways that add up to, “the terrorists win.”

And I’m about to experience that again. In a few hours I’ll be heading to the US for my latest lecture tour. One of my topics is the Mideast reaction to the election…and underlining what I said here, that it doesn’t matter who wins–I’ve already written the lecture. I’ll be in Baltimore, Washington, San Francisco and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you’re there or nearby, let’s try to connect.