So cancel the Iran deal–then what?

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has begun his second term, claiming that the US is violating the deal designed to stop Iran from producing nuclear weapons. I discussed this with host P.J. Maloney a few minutes ago on KQV News Radio in Pittsburgh.

Rouhani ran for re-election on the basis of the deal, declaring that it would be a step toward rehabilitating Iran’s economy, decimated by years of Western sanctions over its nuclear development program. Now the Trump administration is indicating strongly that it wants to cancel the deal, pointing to Iran’s involvement in terrorism and in the fighting in Syria.

OK, so let’s say the US cancels the deal. Then what? I have yet to see any indication that anyone in Washington has thought past the cancellation itself, as if “punishing” Iran will accomplish something. What it will accomplish, if we can call it that, is a boost to Iran’s extremists and a renewal of its nuclear weapons program.

That’s after the Iranian hardliners say “I told you so, you can’t trust the Americans.” And then the Americans can say, “I told you so, you can’t trust the Iranians.”

So both sides get to say “I told you so,” and…then what? Anybody?


One thought on “So cancel the Iran deal–then what?

  1. I must protest. Iran is not an ordinary country. It is a theocratic dictatorship that has a track record of attacking its targets by every means available. Israel is a country that it has attacked repeatedly, and that it promises to destroy. To draw a moral equivalence between Iran and the United States is disgusting.

    The nuclear deal with Iran is a proof of the foolishness of Barack Obama. He paid them $150 Billion, and freed them from the web of sanctions that had been built up over the previous decade. The return was a promise by the Iranians to be good. If you want to see the value of such promises by dictators, cast your eyes on North Korea that went through a similar process.

    What the stripey pants set does with this situation is irrelevant. Assume that Iran keeps its promise (a very bad assumption) they will be ready to bomb you in 8 years. be realistic and it is a shorter time frame.

    What should Israel do? Four things:

    1. Civil defense, a program to provide every Israeli home with a nuclear bomb shelter. Yes, no shelter can protect you from the fire ball. But, most casualties are due to secondary and tertiary effects that shelters can defend against. The Swiss did it during the Cold war. Israel followed the Swiss model in constructing its Army, it should do likewise in constructing its civil defense. Here is a great description of the Swiss system: “La Place de la Concorde Suisse” by John McPhee

    2. Missile defense. Israel and the US are working on systems for this purpose. The work must be accelerated.

    3. The Iranians must know that Israel has mined the mosques on the Temple mount. If Israel sees an Iranian missile headed its way, the mines will blow.

    4. The Iranians should also be told that Israel will retaliate in kind for any attack on Israel.

    I have been reading a book about the decent of Europe into WWII. Obama acted like a zombie Neville Chamberlain. I hope that neither Israel nor the US suffers the way that Britain did. But, suffering will be prevented only by defense, not by conferences.

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