‘One state’ means opposite to Israelis, Palestinians

Of course–whatever the Israelis and Palestinians agree on, one state, two states, whatever. As I discussed a few minutes ago with host P.J. Maloney on KQV News Radio in Pittsburgh, President Trump’s formula sounds fine, despite the hysterical reaction of those who believe that the only viable solution to the conflict is two states living side by side in peace.

There are other problems here. “One state” with Israelis and Palestinians living together means the opposite to the two sides. To the Palestinians, one state means no Jewish state of Israel. To Israelis who favor it, it means no Palestinian entity. So that’s not going to work.

And Israel has already offered the Palestinians a state, twice–but they turned it down. Read about that here.

So what’s left? Stalemate–or a solution in the context of regional realignment. That’s not on the radar of either President Trump or Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu–or the Palestinian leadership–but as I’ve written, that’s the only way it is going to be resolved.

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