Iran, Trump blast each other–now what?

It’s being called a “war of words”–Trump blasts Iran, the Iranian leader blasts Trump–but as I discussed with host Bob Bartolomeo on KQV New Radio in Pittsburgh, the words matter less than the actions. I covered that in my article, referring to it in the broadcast.

Iran’s actions aren’t pleasant either, but its latest missile launch is likely a test of President Trump. He responded by imposing some sanctions. Now we’ll see whether the testing period is over.

It’s still in the interest of the US and the world to make the Iran nuclear deal work. Here’s another of my articles that explains that in depth. The bottom line now is, just as it was then, that the failure of the deal means Iran acquires a nuclear weapon, and that benefits no one.

This will be a main topic during the meeting between Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday. It’s their first meeting since Trump took office, but the two know each other well and agree on most issues, including Iran. Netanyahu will urge Trump to scrap the Iran deal, but though it’s tricky to predict anything Trump might do, it’s unlikely that he’ll tear it up–primarily because Europe won’t back him on that and will continue to do business with Iran, while the US would be on the sidelines this time.

I’m skeptical about the future of the Trump-Netanyahu bromance. Sooner or later, the interests of the US and Israel will diverge, and neither leader is flexible enough to bend with that.

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