New Iran sanctions: Now what?

The sanctions President Trump has re-imposed on Iran for testing a ballistic missile are ineffective at best. I discussed the issue with host P.J. Maloney on KQV News Radio in Pittsburgh a few minutes ago.

You read here in 2015 that sanctions against Iran had run their course. They wrecked Iran’s economy. and they damaged the standing, economic and political, of the very moderates who might one day change the Iranian regime for the better.

Then you read here why rolling back the Iran accord, even if it isn’t the best deal, would be dangerous and counter-productive.

Not much has changed since I wrote  those two articles, except for the fact that European nations, who are party to the accord, are not threatening to cancel it or to re-impose sanctions.

So the American sanctions are outliers, just deflecting business away from their own companies in the direction of Europe.

If that’s what the new administration had in mind, that’s fine–the classic “sending a message” with nasty-sounding but ineffective diplomatic steps.

If, in the other hand, there are people in Washington who still think the clock can be turned back, well, please put those two articles I wrote in 2015 in front of them.


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