UN settlement resolution fizzles–one for Trump

It’s worthwhile looking past the immediate question of how and why Egypt pulled its resolution from the Security Council, demanding an end to Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank; and east Jerusalem. I discussed this a few minutes ago with host P.J. Maloney on KQV News Radio in Pittsburgh.

What’s significant is that in coming US President Donald Trump is the one who pressed Egypt to withdraw the resolution, while President Obama was leaning toward abstaining in the vote and letting the resolution pass.

So we need to discuss, one more time, the bad rap that Obama has received from Israel and parts of the American Jewish community for supposedly being anti-Israel. What he’s been is anti-Bibi, a reference to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has stoked the animosity and pumped it up as part of his local politics, staying in power by scaring his voters and convincing him that the world is against Israel. That might have been true once, but it isn’t any more–but it’s still good politics over here.


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