Cease-fire fails because there’s no Syria anymore: Mark on the radio

No surprise here–the Syria cease-fire, which was never a cease-fire in the first place, has collapsed. I discussed this with host Bruce Sakalik on KQV News Radio in Pittsburgh a few minutes ago.

It even appears that the US military might have scuttled this truce on purpose, bombing a Syrian army position it supposedly thought was an ISIS target. That’s already a bit hard to believe.

In short order, the Syrian air force backed by the Russians–or the other way around–launched the heaviest air raid in five years of fighting on Aleppo, the bombed-out Syrian city that has become the sorry poster child of this tragic conflict.

My question is why the United States is involved in this military confrontation at all. It appears that Washington’s unquestioned foreign policy goal is to restore Syria to what it was before the civil war erupted in 2011, but perhaps without President Bashar Assad. That’s not going to happen. Syria as a country has ceased to exist and will not be put back together.

Instead, where the West, especially the US, can do some long-term good is helping the millions of refugees who have lost their homes in the fighting. Not only is that a vitally needed humanitarian effort, but also, it could win friends for the West once this all shakes out, whenever that inevitably happens.



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