$38b for Israel, too much math for Mark on the radio

Trying to explain on KQV Radio in Pittsburgh what the US military aid package to Israel means, I get tripped up doing math. I really need to stop trying that on live radio…

It’s 38 billion dollars over ten years. That’s a lot of money. I explain, though, that calling it foreign aid is not really on the mark. It’s all military assistance, and in the context of US military operations abroad, it’s a small amount–since Israel does not require (or even want) US troops to defend it.

Even so, I have said for years that Israel should try to wean itself away from this aid. It hamstrings Israel’s military acquisition budget, since all of the US aid must be spent in the United States.

I’d add that given the deterioration of the American political system and its reduced footprint in the world, Israel would do well to distance itself from the United States and strike out on its own as an integral part of the Middle East.

But that’s not going to happen for at least another decade.


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