Syria ceasefire–not even: Mark on the radio

The contradictions aren’t even in the fine print. The latest US-Russia backed ceasefire in Syria is set to last only 48 hours. Then the two foreign powers get to start up again, with air strikes against al-Qaida and ISIS  targets.

As I discussed with host Bob Bartolomeo on KQV Newsradio in Pittsburgh a few minutes ago, that’s not even a truce, much less a cease-fire. In the best case, it’s a way to start funneling aid to the beleaguered people of Aleppo and other crisis areas in Syria, and it calls for US-Russia cooperation in the war against ISIS and al-Qaida in Syria.

That’s it.

This is not the answer to the Syria crisis. It should be fairly clear by now that the major powers cannot provide a solution to this or other conflicts in this region–they will have to shake out by themselves. The key here is helping the people, and at least there’s a start in that direction. Don’t hope for anything more–though of course the critics of US policy, mostly from the right, will continue harping about how the US should be wiping out ISIS, as if that’s possible. It is possible, but not through American or Russian military action.


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