ISIS whack-a-mole in Libya: Mark on the radio

It appears that Libyan forces, aided by US airstrikes, have driven ISIS forces out of their headquarters in Sirte, on the Libyan coast. You’d think that’s a good thing…but it might actually make the situation worse. I discussed that a few minutes ago with host Bob Bartolomeo on KQV News Radio in Pittsburgh.

Where do the fighters go when they’re driven out of a city? They go somewhere else. Libya’s government–oh, wait, the full name of that, whenever it’s referred to in the media, is the Fragile Government, since it has no more support than the larger militias and is failing to govern a country that has for all practical purposes ceased to exist as an entity–Libya’s fragile government has warned Italy that ISIS fighters are on their way there to join a radical leader and carry out attacks in Europe.

So treating ISIS as a military problem alone is the wrong way to go about this. Short-term, there needs to be intelligence and infiltration. Long-term, there needs to be humanitarian assistance and programs to refurbish the image of the West so that radical Islam based on hatred of the “infidel” is not so attractive. The sooner we start, the better.


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