Millions of charity dollars go to Hamas “military wing”

World Vision has been financing the Hamas “military wing” in Gaza to the tune of $43 million, according to an indictment against the charity’s Gaza director, who’s in Israeli custody. I discussed this a few minutes ago with host P.J. Maloney on KQV Radio in Pittsburgh. We talked about this case and the larger implications of who’s doing what, charity-wise, in this part of the world.

$43 million is a lot of money for Hamas “military” activity, which is made up of rocket attacks on Israel, suicide bombings against Israel, and digging tunnels under the border to send terrorists into Israel.

As P.J. said, “How would you like to find out that money you gave to a charity…is going to terrorists?”

An additional element of this is that World Vision, like many other organizations over here, is supported directly by governments, as well as private donors. Two governments–Germany and Australia–have cut off their contributions to World Vision, indicating that they consider this indictment and these serious charges to be credible.

There are other gtoups whose stated agenda is to demonstrate against and undermine Israel. Here’s a link to the video I mentioned in the broadcast of a father sending his 3-year-old son toward Israeli soldiers at one of the demonstrations underwritten by foreign-financed groups. The soldiers greeted the boy with a high-five, not gunfire.

One negative aspect of this distortion of charitable work is that it’s likely to affect contributions to legitimate charities that are helping people instead.


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