Don’t destroy ISIS–it’s better as weakened: Expert

Here’s a refreshing view of the ISIS threat from an Israeli security expert. I’ve known Prof. Efraim Inbar for many years, and I’ve found that his analysis is level-headed, sensible and devoid of politically motivated wishful thinking.

In this article on the website of the BESA think tank he directs, he notes that a ISIS picweakened ISIS is better than one that’s destroyed by the West. I’ve noted many times that if the West takes on military missions in the Mideast, the results are counter-productive, turning the targets into “victims” and focusing “resistance” against the “imperialists.”

Efraim takes it a step further, explaining actual benefits of preserving a weakened ISIS on  the field. The only place I differ from his conclusions is his implication that it’s either-or. Either ISIS fights on, or it’s destroyed and exports its terror around the world. To some extent, both can coexist on the same plane, and that’s what we’re seeing now.

That said, he makes significant points and opens up the ISIS debate into a new direction here. It’s definitely worth considering.

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