Brexit and the Mideast–Russia wins: Mark on the radio

Britain’s exit from the European Union is a boost for Russia in the Mideast. That’s one conclusion I discussed with host Bruce Sakalik on KQV News Radio in Pittsburgh a few minutes ago.

Weakening Europe as an economic and political player in the region, and everyone assumes the British exit would weaken Europe, benefits its enemies. The main enemy of Europe these days is Russia, and the place where that plays out on the ground immediately is Syria.

Russia is backing the hated regime of President Bashar Assad, providing military support and airstrikes ostensibly aimed at ISIS but actually hitting all of Assad’s opponents. To the extent that Europe’s power–economic and political more than military–is reduced, Russia may harden its position, and not only in Syria.

We didn’t discuss the impact on Israel and the Palestinians, but the same pattern applies. Europe has been siding more and more with the Palestinians–Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas got a standing ovation there a few days ago after repeating the outrageous slander about Israeli doctors calling for poisoning Palestinian wells. Of course he retracted it later, but that doesn’t matter. If Europe is weakened politically, that could be perceived as a blow to the Palestinians, and that in turn could embolden the Israelis to harden their positions.

Anyway, nothing good is going to come out of this…


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