EgyptAir crash–time for profiling?

Last week’s crash of EgyptAir 840 just before landing in Egypt may or may not have been a terrorist bombing–but it has once again brought the practices of airport security into focus. A few minutes ago I discussed the issue with host P.J. Maloney on KQV Radio in Pittsburgh, including the Israeli practice of profiling to single out suspicious passengers before they board.

Post-Brussels, security at European airports has been increased–yet after the EgyptAir plane went down, the assumption was that it wasn’t good enough to keep a bomb off a plane. There are many reasons why that may not be the case, but Paris airport officials went into overreact mode, increasing “security” (those quotes express my view that there’s no security enhancement here at all) and punishing thousands of innocent passengers.

You’ll hear P.J. chafe at the idea that the Israelis might be doing it right by profiling, and the practice is illegal in the US anyway–but in Israel, for decades the first and favorite target of hijackers and terrorists of all types–security overrides everything else.


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