Tell those incoming warplanes to wait while I reboot my F-35

I just don’t fly right, says this article in Marine Times. Here’s the best part:

“Development test pilots here at Edwards have trouble booting up their jets about once out of every three flights, though in no cases did a shutdown event prevent the aircraft from eventually taking off, according to the integrated test team.”

Well, that’s a relief.

Israel is still on the hook for lots of these flying lemons. What most people don’t know about US aid to Israel is that almost all of it must be spent in the US, propping up the American military industry to the tune of $2b or so a year–when Israel could make much of this stuff itself, and better.

I doubt that the F-35 will ever contribute anything essential to Israel’s military–but it’s going to cost Israel billions of dollars of American aid that could be used better elsewhere.

I’ve been saying for years that Israel needs to wean itself off American military aid for its own good. Years ago Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed. Not any more. He’s haggling over a ten-year aid package that increases the total, while rejecting the US demand that more of the money be spent in the US.

Israel would do better just to scrap the whole package and go it alone. Of course that would have political and economic implications in the US, which is one reason it isn’t going to happen. Too bad.


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