Intel officer fired for cursing? We’re all in trouble now

BREAKING NEWS–THE INTEL OFFICER GOT HER JOB BACK. I hope Nancy’s report had something to do with that.

Don’t take it from me–take it from ace Pentagon reporter Nancy Youssef, telling this surreal story of an officer who apparently blew the whistle on cooked ISIS intel and was fired–for potty mouth. From the MILITARY, FOR F#CK SAKE.

“After all,” Nancy writes, “if cursing were really a fireable offense in the military, every soldier, sailor, Marine, and Defense Department civilian would have to be sent home.” Not to mention most of us reporters.

And we are left to wonder…if the government had received real intel about the rise of ISIS, would it have stumbled farther into a land war, or would it have done the right thing–let it play out on the ground while protecting the homeland and allies through intelligence?

Somehow I’m afraid that intelligence (both kinds) is getting to be a rare commodity in the US of A.



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