Obama got some ‘splaining to do on Libya

If you got that reference from “I Love Lucy,” you just gave your age away 😉

I’m baffled over why the US isn’t explaining why it isn’t bombing the new ISIS capital in Libya, Sirte. It’s pretty clear to me, and I discuss it here with host P.J. Maloney on KQV Radio in Pittsburgh, along with analyzing the latest cease-fire proposal for Syria and the dismal future there even if the fighting ends.

And here’s  the place to thank P.J., Bob Bartolomeo and KQV for this weekly look  at the Middle East. We started it when I was in Cairo 2011-2013, and we’ve kept it going once a week from Tel Aviv. There is precious little in-depth reporting about the Mideast in US media today, and I’m grateful to you guys for the opportunity to add some perspective.


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