5 years after Arab Spring–still broken: Mark on the radio

Five years ago today, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians crowded Cairo’s downtown Tahrir Square, starting the popular revolution that deposed dictator Hosni Mubarak and gave Arab Spring its name. Five years later, the region is still in chaos–or transition, depending how you look at it. ISIS is on the rise, and world powers have “failed” to stop the civil war in Syria. Those “quotes” are there because it’s clear that this is beyond the ability of world powers to control.

Syria Iraq sectarianRussian bombing runs have helped the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad regain control of parts of its native Alawite stronghold for now, but as this map shows, relating to Syria and Iraq according to their official borders is becoming a waste of time. This is what I mean when I say, over and over again, that the region is undergoing a historic realignment. It’s hard for the world to accept that–it has institutions like the UN that are built around nations, and nations are disappearing over here. These are some of the things I talked about a few minutes ago with host P.J. Maloney on KQV Radio in Pittsburgh, starting with the ISIS video showing some of the terrorists who carried out the Paris atrocities.

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