Jerusalem Post picks up my anti-extremism article

Here’s my article taking on Israeli academic Martin Sherman on the subject of the terror attack last July in Jpostthe Arab village of Duma. It’s in the print edition of The Jerusalem Post, where Sherman’s column ran, and here, online. As one could expect, the negative comments are coming in, but as of this moment they’re civilized and to the point. I’m expecting worse. Also, I know the paper ran my article by Sherman before printing it, and his next column is tomorrow (Friday) in the same paper–so stay tuned. This should get interesting.

I’ve already been asked if I’m afraid of retaliation from right-wing extremists, and no, I’m not. After 44 years covering wars, terror attacks and military operations, I don’t scare easily. Anyway, it’s not the Israeli way, and I’m not anticipating any actual nastiness beyond the screen here. and I welcome that. If there’s more, you’ll be the second to know–after the police.


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