US plan against ISIS is failing–what now?

This article by my friend and star reporter, Nancy Youssef, lays it all ISIS picout–the US policy of air strikes and special forces won’t defeat ISIS. If the US military wants to get serious, it needs more intelligence assets, and that means more ground forces to secure “clean” areas.

That’s a recipe for disaster that has already played itself out in Iraq. In this article, a Sunni representative states the obvious–ISIS will be defeated only when the people rise up against it:

“It’s a fact of life, ISIS won’t be pushed out of Iraq without Sunni help,” said Mark Alsalih, a Sunni lobbyist in Washington and the president of the Iraq Stability and Security Program, composed of citizens and tribal sheikhs.

“The sheikhs I talk to say they could to it in a few weeks, not months. A lot of people in those towns [that ISIS occupies] could just turn against ISIS. The only thing holding them back is they don’t have an agreement with the U.S. or the Iraqi government about their demands,” Alsalih said.

You keep reading that here, too–the West cannot fight this fight and win.


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