Bombing is no solution for San Bernardino–Mark on the radio

San BernardinoLashing out will not fix the San Bernardino atrocity–it will make it worse. This exchange on KQV Radio in Pittsburgh a few minutes ago is apparently rare–as host P.J. Maloney says, after a terrorist attack like that, you want to go kill somebody. I’m explaining that you can’t “kill” ISIS militarily, and the link between ISIS and San Bernardino isn’t that direct. We start by discussing President Obama’s address to the nation about the attack, and  the misconception that ISIS was directly responsible–he didn’t say that at all, but that’s how some of the reporting is interpreting it.

A personal note–in 1968, I worked at the Riverside Press-Enterprise newspaper, just down the road from San Bernardino, the only time I worked outside the Midwest before I moved to Israel in 1972. San Bernardino has seen some tough times since then–perhaps someone will pay attention to its problems now.


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