Another real journalist calls it a career

You wouldn’t think that a newspaper in Fort Wayne, Indiana would be an industry leader–but because

Craig and me

Craig and me

of Craig Klugman, it is. Craig is retiring next month after more than three decades as editor of the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette. We were at Indiana University together in the 1960s, putting out the campus newspaper.

With his keen eye and relentless sense of humor, he guided his Fort Wayne paper into territories rarely explored by mid-sized dailies–foreign news. Craig eagerly published many of my articles from Israel and Cairo over the years, when few others expressed an interest. I suspect that one reason is that my articles take readers off the beaten path, and few editors are prepared to “take the chance” of going it alone. That never bothered Craig.

Journalism will miss him, and I will miss him as an editor–but I am proud to call him a dear friend.


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