Egypt’s electing a parliament again–Mark on the radio

Voting for president in 2011

Voting for president in 2011

It’s election day in Egypt again. People are voting for a new parliament. Since 2011, they’ve voted for a parliament, four constitutions and two presidents.. They’re evidently getting tired of it–turnout for the first day was low. On KQV Radio in Pittsburgh a few minutes ago, I discussed the background with host PJ Maloney. The main fact–if it looks as if Egypt is a democracy now, look again. Military strongman Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is running the show, and for now, his people are just fine with that. It’s counter-intuitive for the West, but here’s the fact–Egypt needs a dictatorship now to fix its critical problems. Democracy doesn’t work there. The quicker we realize that–and apply it to much of the world–the quicker we’ll start relating to the world in a realistic way.

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