Israeli-Palestinian violence will subside, says Mark on the radio

Going out on a limb here, and on the air…I don’t think we’re seeing the beginning of a “third Palestinian intifada” knife despite all the knife attacks against Israelis, and I laid out my reasons on KQV Radio in Pittsburgh a few minutes ago, talking to host PJ Maloney.

Just as generals are known to prepare for fighting the last war, so ordinary citizens naturally look for a context to explain troubling events, usually a historical parallel. That leads to dire predictions of a “third intifada,” meaning mass demonstrations, suicide bombings, buses blowing up and all the rest.

I don’t see an inclination on either side to turn the clock back. Instead, there will be something new, and we had better all open our eyes and look for it instead of wasting our time looking backward.

What’s new is the emergence of a generation of Palestinians–and Israelis–who don’t remember the heady few days that followed the signing of the first partial peace accords between 1993 and 1995. These youngsters know the other side only as the targets of hatred and various levels of victimhood.

We better all start dealing with that.


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