Why the media screws up here–Mark on TV in Hebrew

This one’s in Hebrew…it’s me on Israel TV Channel 2’s morning news and features program, talking

Israel's 2008 peace offer

Israel’s 2008 peace offer

about why the current wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence isn’t getting prominent coverage in Western media. Short answer–because it’s no big deal internationally, especially compared to Syria. That said, in general there’s way too much news about Israel-Palestinians compared to the actual importance of the story, always has been. I say my next book might be titled, “The Most Over-Covered Story in the History of Journalism.”

I also explain why Western media mess up coverage here, and I recount the story of my huge scoop that was suppressed by AP–Israel’s 2008 peace offer to the Palestinians, which I was first to discover.

What’s remarkable about this is that I actually look relatively awake and sound relatively cogent at 8 o’clock in the morning ;-(


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