US plan to train Syrian moderates fails–they’re all dead or captured

ALL the Syrian irregulars trained by the US to fight ISIS have been killed or captured. That’s the lead in this

Syria rebels training

Syria rebels training

biting analysis of the failed US program military in Syria. Even the Senate hawks are coming to realize that this was not a good idea. But the article falls short–it doesn’t explain why this didn’t work. From here the explanation is clear. It didn’t work because direct US involvement in Mideast conflicts brings about its own failure. Every time. The US needs to let things play out here on their own. It won’t be pretty, but there is no role for the US (and the rest of the West) to play except for helping out on the humanitarian side. Let’s hope that doesn’t get lost in all the partisan bickering and paternalistic haughtiness that have marred the effort up to now.


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