ISIS is no serious threat to Israel and West–hawkish expert

When this comes from Efraim Inbar, it’s notable. He makes the case here that others, including me,  ISIS pichave been making, that ISIS is not a serious threat to Israel or the Western world. It’s notable because Prof,. Inbar is generally hawkish in his views. I’ve known him for decades, used him as an expert for articles and discussed policy at length with him. He’s not an ideologue–he’s an expert with a point of view. So when he analyzes the ISIS threat and comes to a conclusion like this–it’s worth reading. The only “tell” is that he blames the US for overselling the ISIS threat to the world as a way of promoting Iran as an alternative–instead of pointing the finger at his own prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, for using ISIS to scare the hell out of his own people, which is what he does to stay in power.

ISIS dust storm?!

ISIS dust storm?!

By coincidence, most of Israel is covered today by a dust storm, a cloud that wafted in from Iraq and Syria. Normally at this time of year, the skies are bright blue and the sun burns straight down from above. This view is rare in the extreme–the sun practically blotted out by the sky.

OK, conspiracy theorists, now’s your chance to go wild…coincidence? Seriously? Of course ISIS sent the cloud to choke the despicable Zionists…I wonder how long it will be till I see that on the Internet. But I’m not holding my breath…I’m not keeping this air in my lungs any more than absolutely necessary.

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