Israeli think tank demolishes opposition to Iran deal

Israel’s most respected think tank takes apart the opposition to the Iran deal point by point in this thoughtful analysis. This isn’t a bunch of crazies from ivory towerland. This is The Institute for National

Netanyahu at the UN

Netanyahu at the UN

Security Studies at Tel Aviv Universitiy, which includes ex-generals and top academics.

This article is notable not only for its content, but also for the fact that it shows that many serious Israelis reject the extreme policy of their prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, against the deal, and his bold insertion of Israel into partisan American politics in a vain effort to defeat the Iran deal negotiated by the US administration and other world powers. I wonder what happens the day after the deal is approved, with or without overriding a veto–where does that leave Israel, American Jews and the “special relationship”? Troubling…

This think tank, INSS, is my go-to place for experts–has been for decades, going back to when it was the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies. In past years they’d put out an annual Strategic Assessment, which included comprehensive details of regional military forces. The yearly news conference, where they passed out the book, was always well attended–attesting to the prestige and reliability of the institute. So this article is worth reading–it’s free of polemics and high on analysis, as is standard in its publications.

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