Egypt’s economy is the real story

Forget the Muslim Brotherhood, forget Israel–Egypt’s real problem is its economy. Ruler Abdel Fattah

No tourists, no dollars

No tourists, no dollars

el-Sisi gets that. Many of the measures he’s taking are painful, and some may backfire. Here’s an article by my former Cairo colleague Tarek el-Tablawy about the hardships resulting from the limits on using dollars–and what the government is really trying to achieve with this unusual measure.

I shamelessly accosted Tarek at his desk in the newsroom at least once a day to ask him to explain aspects of the Egyptian economy, and he showed endless patience. Here’s an example of how clearly he explains what should be a dry, boring issue. When Tarek deals with it–it jumps off the page. I tried to do the same with the chapters about the economy in my book.


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