Egypt vs Islamists in Sinai–guerrilla war

The death toll on both sides in the conflict between Egypt’s military and Islamist militants in the Sinai

Islamist militants in Sinai

Islamist militants in Sinai

desert is in the hundreds just over the past week. On KQV Radio a few minutes ago, I explained why the ISIS element in this is less important than it appears–less important than the current Israeli involvement and possible escalation. The conflict is taking on clear aspects of a guerrilla war. The last element we discuss, in the context of what Israel is doing, is Israeli military censorship. It is mostly just on paper these days, but still exists to try to prevent reporters from disclosing vital military secrets like details of a military action in progress. As I’ve written before, censorship is ineffective now that we’re broadcasting live, live-blogging and tweeting, and the rest of the region controls reporters by threatens and intimidation–that works much better. The fact that Israel has military censorship at all shows that there’s no intimidation of that sort here.


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