Atheist preacher in Egypt!

Who would have believed it? An atheist preacher in Egypt. Here’s another amazing story by my

Nancy and me in Washington

Nancy and me in Washington

amazing friend, based in Washington now but still drawing on her years of reporting in the Mideast. What’s special about this in an age of quickie journalism is — it isn’t a superficial yarn about some guy–it’s an thorough overview of how various Mideast nations deal with non-believers. Nancy Youssef strikes again….

It’s worth adding that in Israel, most Jews are secular, some define themselves as non-believers or atheists–and no one bothers them. It’s considered a personal matter, though all Jews have to go through the official Orthodox rabbinate for life status matters like marriage. The alternative is to get married abroad.

Israeli Arabs can also get away with abandoning their religion, mostly by moving to Jewish areas, but it’s harder for them.


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