Excessive security undermines US diplomacy

This fits in with my last post, evidence that we are far more frightened than we need to be about…well,

These Marines guard the US Embassy in Haiti

These Marines guard the US Embassy in Haiti

practically everything–ISIS, Iran, kidnappers lurking at every corner just waiting to snatch our children. Here a semi-retired diplomat chronicles how excessive security concerns have overrun American diplomacy.

His article goes back through recent history and describes how diplomacy has been crippled by fear. His main point, and it’s the same one that applies to journalists, is that diplomacy carries some risks. It’s part of the business. Trying to prevent any threat leads to neutralizing diplomacy, as he writes, or to AP banning reporters from covering demonstrations in Cairo, as happened while I was there. Lame.


2 thoughts on “Excessive security undermines US diplomacy

    • Yeah, that’s what I meant about the kidnappers on every corner. Yesterday two of my granddaughters showed up in synagogue after walking there by themselves almost a whole block!! My son is so irresponsible…

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