Israel solves its water shortage–calling California

Watch this PBS report to see how Israel has solved its water shortage. It’s been expensive and took

An Israeli desalination plant

An Israeli desalination plant

some time, but Israel now has more water than it needs. Of course the environmentalists are up in arms, because desalination creates, well, salt–but even they admit they have no hard evidence that dropping it back into the sea, where it came from, is harmful. They also complain that it uses considerable electricity and takes up space. That’s the price Israel is paying for solving one of its most critical problems, and showing the way for the rest of the region — and maybe even California, though the PBS report makes lame excuses why California hasn’t done this.

I sometimes wonder if there is any type of progress that environmentalists don’t object to. They are doing their just cause a great disservice by criticizing everything, instead of concentrating on really serious environmental issues.

This reminds me of a demonstration on my street years ago–people demanding that a cell phone tower be removed. I rolled up a garbage bin and told the people to either throw their cell phones into the bin or go home–you can’t have cell phones without relay towers. I was not too popular there…


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