“Israel is Jordan’s closest ally”

This article comes from a Jordanian columnist. According to this MEMRI translation, he says Israel is

Offshore natural gas fields

Offshore natural gas fields

Jordan’s closest ally, either by design or by Arab abandonment of Jordan. He doesn’t like the idea, to state it mildly, referring to Israel’s selling “stolen Palestinian natural gas” to Jordan–that’s the gas from offshore fields. The main ones are off the coast of Haifa, well north of Gaza. There are all kinds of conspiracy theories about Israel’s intent to steal two small fields off the Gaza coast, even attributing Israel’s war with Hamas last summer to this end, ignoring the fact that Israel is producing huge quantities of gas from the larger fields, and that Hamas fired 4,000 rockets at Israel.

So we learn two things from this: Israel is not popular in Jordan, and relations between the two nations are flourishing in the framework of their 1994 peace treaty. This fits in nicely with my article advocating a new approach to Iran. Here it is…


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