No to 2-state Israel-Palestinian solution–the question makes it irrelevant

Thanks for Facebook friend Tim Bovee, I have an answer now:

I keep seeing a story about a Washington Post-ABC poll claiming in a screaming headline that US

Mark on the radio

Mark on the radio

public support for a two-state solution is at an all-time low, but I’m unable to determine from any of the reporting what the question was. That’s crucial. Was it “do you support creation of a Palestinian state?” Was it “Do you support a two state solution for Mideast peace, one for Israel and the other for Palestinians?” Those questions would produce vastly different results.

Turns out it’s the first. So the poll is totally useless–it assumes the respondents know enough to realize that this would be in the framework of peace with Israel. So all the question asks is whether people like or dislike Palestinians, without context. Lame.


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