It’s no landslide, and Israel’s election outcome isn’t the end of the world

Benjamin Netanyahu’s “landslide” got him all of one-quarter of the seats in parliament. There’s much more going on here, as I discuss with PJ Maloney in this live radio analysis on KQV in Pittsburgh.

Voting  for change

Voting for change


2 thoughts on “It’s no landslide, and Israel’s election outcome isn’t the end of the world

  1. I’ve listened to your analysis and I disagree on a number of points. First of all, elections to the Knesset are not 2 but 3.5 years apart on average. Secondly, the number of seats gained by Labour and Likud, whether they were called Kadima or split into Labour and Yesh Atid is around half the seats since 2003 – that’s 5 elections there. Also, Israeli elections have rarely been about the security – its usually about the economy, and economical issues bring down governments in Israel. The 2003 elections were the last ones to be dominated by security concerns. I agree that its no landslide. It is a convincing victory though – no question about who will be the next PM. Since Kulanu and Israel Beiteinu are effectively the left and right wing of the Likud, the ruling conservatives got 44-45 seats, and can easily form a government with the religious-nationalist parties who bring in 20-21 seats. Whether such a coalition will hold? Well, the last one didn’t either, and it was a centre-right-secular one. There are, as usual, no guarantees in Israeli politics.

    • Thanks for your comment. We have different understandings of what’s happening, and that’s fine. Soon I’ll post an article amplifying my ideas, and I’d welcome your comments on that.

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