ISIS, Charlie Hebdo and the real threat

This is a frank and open assessment by my friend Nancy Youssef of the real threats from Islamic extremists, including ISIS, and the problems the West has in stopping them. The problem is that under Western standards, you don’t get arrested until after you’ve broken a law. Changing that to allow of arrest of potential suspects would be a “the terrorists win” situation, giving much too much power to governments. One possibility is strengthening laws that make contact with hostile elements illegal. Then jihadis could be arrested on the basis of visiting places like Syria and Yemen. Obviously, bombing runs do nothing to help, and they’re probably counter-productive.

I’m heading to North America tomorrow, speaking at an auditorium near you if you’re in Baltimore, lecture flyer-page0001 (1)Washington DC, Toronto, Los Angeles, Indiana or Michigan. I’ll draw conclusions from the Charlie Hebdo atrocity about jihadis and about the media response. It won’t be pretty…but there’s also a picture of me playing ice hockey as a kid for comedy relief.


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