“I didn’t leave journalism–it left me”

That’s the headline on this long and sympathetic story about the new media critic, me. It details why I have shed the role of reporter-editor-broadcaster and have assumed the role of calling out the Western media –and by implication, Western society — about their failure to even try to understand what is going on in this region.

I have begun a campaign to expose the shortcomings of my former profession. Actually, that campaign started with the publishing of my book, which concentrates on how the West misunderstands what has happened in this region, consistently and constantly. For a while I tried to wear both hats–journalist and critic–but now I find that my head isn’t big enough for that.

My youngest reader

My youngest reader

Here on my website you’ll still find me writing articles analyzing current events and trends. My articles might appear in publications from time to time. But I no longer define myself as a journalist. The reasons are all in Lori Lowenthal Marcus’s article here

I knew for sure it was over when I realized that for the first time since 1968, there’s going to be a general election (Israel’s in March), and I won’t be covering it. That realization brought a broad smile to my face.

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