Here’s a take on why the media get the Israel story wrong

Why is news about Israel so distorted? My friend and colleague Matti Friedman has published this article in The Atlantic, and it’s a good, comprehensive explanation of what has happened to the profession formally known as journalism. My profession. I’m quoted prominently in the article (I’m the only journalist who is).

I’d go even further than Matti. It’s not just the Israel story that is so distorted by a Western mindset, rooting for the underdog, no matter who the underdog is. The whole Middle East is plagued by a similarly boneheaded phenomenon. The West believes that democracy is right for everyone, backed up by repeated military interventions, a religious-style crusade that has proved disastrous for this region time and again.

That’s part of my message in a US speaking tour I’m putting together for January. The rest is about the stories that are not reported. Matti has some examples. So do I. I have some dates open in the middle and end of January–please spread the word…

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