Enough — I’m going after Western media for intentionally screwing up Mideast coverage

Yahoo News and AP ran a headline that read, “Israeli police shoot E. Jerusalem man.” This man is the one who rammed his vehicle into a light rail station, killing a baby. Soon the two culprit agencies changed their headlines (Yahoo just copies AP), but it’s time to expose this whole fraud of Western news coverage of israel. I know all about it. I worked in Western media in the Mideast for 40 years. Now I don’t. I “retired,” years after I put a “countdown to returement” clock ticking backwards on my computer desktop, reflecting my growing frustration and anger.

Now I’m going to tell everything to anyone who wants to listen. Here’s the flyer that’s going around as we speak. I have some speaking engagements in January in the US, and I’m looking for more. Please share this.

I hate to use words like crusade or jihad…so I won’t.

Veteran Mideast correspondent MARK LAVIE wants to tell you

What’s Missing?

ch5 (2)

You have no way of knowing what’s really happening in the Middle East.

You can read the papers, scour the Internet, watch all the TV channels.

But…there is no way for you to know what isn’t being reported.

MARK LAVIE is the reporter who discovered Israel’s 2008 peace proposal, but his news agency banned him from writing about it. For 40 years he reported from Israel, the Palestinian areas, Egypt and surrounding countries for NPR, NBC, CBC and The Associated Press. Based in Israel, he spent two crucial years in Cairo covering Arab Spring. After leaving the profession this year, embittered and frustrated, he published a book, Broken Spring, to explain what the West doesn’t understand, what the media don’t report, and why.

He’ll tell all in his lecture, illustrated by his photographs taken on assignment. You’ll never see the Mideast in the same way again.

e-mail: mbentsion@gmail.com    www.brokenspring.wordpress.com

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