Abbas rejects Egypt offer to resettle Palestinian refugees

The refugee issue–not Jerusalem, not borders, and certainly not settlements–is the key obstacle to a peace agreement. The Palestinians  have painted themselves into a corner, with the gleeful help of the UN, by perpetuating the “crisis” for four generations, the only such case in the world, promising the “refugees” that they will return “home,” which is Israel, instead of building their own state. So once again, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas turns down an offer to solve it:

The fallacy of demanding a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, and at the same time demanding that most of your people go live in someone else’s state, is so obvious that I find it hard to believe that Western diplomats don’t see it. Then again, not so hard to believe. They need to read my book…

Refugee camps like this one in Syria are neighborhoods. Refugees are trapped in the camps as political pawns.





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