Now it’s official — “Broken Spring” 2nd edition is out!

Here’s the updated blurb on my Amazon book page:

Book Description

March 13, 2014
In this second edition of “Broken Spring,” veteran Middle East Correspondent Mark Lavie examines the region from the inside, starting with a new chapter about why it’s impossible to get accurate news reporting from Gaza or anywhere else. Combining his four decades in the region with his two years living in Cairo at the height of Arab Spring turmoil, he describes Egyptian society and Mideast realities in short, easy to digest chapters that explain why the West keeps getting everything wrong, why the Israel-Palestinian conflict isn’t what we think it is, and why the famous Jewish community of Egypt is dying out.
And here’s the link:
Now the bad news…I’m told that the $2.99 low, low e-book price applies only to places where amazon has a presence, like the US, Canada and major European nations. Over here in the third world, we have to pay a couple bucks more. Still cheap 😉
book cover jpg

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