Brand new second edition of “Broken Spring” is available for 3 bucks!

The second edition of Broken Spring is up on and other platforms. It features new chapters about how journalists operate (or don’t) in the Middle East and how conflicts are judged–and it’s updated throughout with developments in the region since the first edition came out in March.

AND the e-book is selling for $2.99 on Amazon! That won’t last long…so buy a bunch and send them around as gifts.

Seriously…the reason I wrote this book is to get the word out about mistakes the West makes over and over in this region, using Arab Spring as an example. But it’s not all heavy stuff. There’s a chapter about walking in the Cairo streets, visiting with a shopkeeper. and trying to find kosher food in Cairo.

The heavy parts include chapters about regional developments and how Israel and its role in the region look from outside. There are about 40 chapters in 230-some pages–short bites of reality for easy reading.


Mark with books!



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