Why the Israeli story is distorted and overblown — not just the Gaza war

Matti Friedman is one of the most talented and intelligent reporters I have had the privilege of working with in my 50-year career. When you read this, you will understand why he left the AP, and you will understand why I’m happy to be on my own now. I’m in this article, though not by name–Matti says when readers see the word “furious,” they’ll know it’s me. Cute. In my book, I write about being banned from writing about Israel’s 2008 peace offer to the Palestinians in detail. “Furious” is an understatement. I took some job interviews before people begged me to suck it up and stay.


It’s worth reading every word of this article. I perked up when I read that the AP Jerusalem bureau actually tried to file a story about Hamas intimidation of reporters in Gaza, but it was spiked by higher-ups.

I am proud that my article in TheTower.org magazine was the first to expose this vital aspect of the war coverage. Since it appeared, some reporters are talking about Hamas tactics–while the New York Times, of course, denies that there’s any intimidation at all. They must be covering a different conflict.

Matti Friedman

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