The truth about the Gaza tunnels from Israel’s top writer

This is a long article, translated into English, by Israel’s best journalist, Nahum Barnea. Read as much as you can. Every word will add an element of understanding.,7340,L-4551240,00.html

Unlike other columnists, who sit in their offices and pontificate, Nahum goes to the scene of whatever is happening. We stood together at the horrible site of a bombed-out Israeli bus in 1996. I was trying to work, though it was altogether possible that my daughter was on the bus. It turned out that she was safe. She was on the bus just ahead of the one that was hit by a Palestinian suicide bomber.

Nahum’s son Yoni was on this bus, and he was killed.

I kept running into Nahum at news events in the weeks that followed, and finally I screwed up the courage to ask him how he could continue, trying to imagine and trying not to imagine how I would have been crushed if my daughter had been sitting next to Yoni on that bus.

Nahum looked at me calmly, shrugged, and answered, “What else can I do?”

And as you will read in this article, 18 years later, he’s still doing it better, far better, than anyone else.



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