Photo shows Gaza rocket launching sites at hospital, playground

rocket sites

A few days ago someone challenged me to back up the Israeli claim that Hamas is firing rockets next to hospitals and other civilian sites. It’s not too hard to find photos and videos. Here’s the latest, an Israeli army collection from the Shejaiya neighborhood in Gaza city, right next to Israel, where ground combat is in progress now.

In other news…Israel’s government has added about $100 million to the defense budget to cover the cost of the conflict so far. That’s a window on how much it’s costing Israel to knock down all those rockets with its Iron Dome system. Sounds like a lot of money, but for an economy like Israel’s, its perfectly manageable, considering the alternative–dozens, even hundreds of dead and wounded.

Experts estimate that Hamas must have spent tens or hundreds of millions of dollars building the network of tunnels that extend under the border, the target of the Israeli ground operation. Different priorities for the money. Israeli soldiers killed 10 Hamas terrorists emerging from one of the tunnels this morning in southern Israel, but suffered some casualties.


This old map of Gaza City shows the Shejaiya neighborhood, with about 80,000 residents, in the circle. The neighborhood extends to the east of the highway now, almost up to the Israeli border, which is the broken line just to the right of the circle. Besides the rocket launching sites above, many of the tunnels originate in this crowded, poor neighborhood.


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