Misquoted Israeli parliament member responds

Ayelet Shaked is no leftist, but she’s also not a a hate-spewing Neanderthal, as she’s being portrayed by people who are pickling up “quotes” from totally unreliable sources like PressTV and electronicintifada, both of which make it up as they go along. It’s especially difficult on people like Shaked, who speaks and writes in Hebrew, and all the “quotes” are “translations” that only a few of us bilingual types can actually check. Of course, in the age of the wide-open Internet, where people read only what they already believe, who checks anything? Well, I do. I looked for quotes about burning Palestinian mothers and exterminating Palestinians and found nothing of the kind. I don’t support what she does stand for, mind you, but there’s no reason  to distort, that, either.

Here’s her response. She thinks she knows where this filth is coming from:


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